Katie Austin Shares the Mission Behind Her Brand

The SI Swimsuit model is empowering her followers to live their best lives through health and wellness.

Katie Austin has her own fitness app, hosts her own YouTube show and writes her own weekly column for SI Swimsuit. The 2022 SI Swimsuit model funnels her talent in pursuit of a simple yet powerful mission: empowering her followers to become the greatest versions of themselves.

Through the power of good routines, healthy eating, and wellness practices, Austin sets the standard for living a fuller life. At a panel sponsored by SI Swim's Pay With Change and Maybelline Brave Together in Hollywood, Fla., Austin talked about the development of her brand and why she’s aligned it with SI Swimsuit.

“I really want to empower every girl to feel their best self through health and wellness,” said Austin to the live audience. “And I truly believe that you can feel your best self through workouts and eating healthy, staying in a good routine. That's why I want to be part of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit so much because it’s like being a role model in terms of what you should put in your body, how you should treat your body.”

Austin’s weekly column is aptly named “Katie’s Column” and has shared a plethora of healthy recipes, wellness tips, workouts and muscle recovery help, pushing her fans to live a healthier life.

As an entrepreneur, Austin founded her own fitness app with hundreds of workouts and recipes to build upon her purpose. Austin says she wanted to partner with SI Swimsuit because the brand is aligning with entrepreneurs like herself while “branching outside the traditional model as well.”