Kathy Hilton Reveals the One Thing She Drinks Every Single Day

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Kathy Hilton's daily routine is incredibly sweet.

A recent Bustle feature with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer notes that after Kathy's doctor said she needed more protein in her diet, she now has a chocolate milkshake every single day. “It’s like the milkshake at the Beverly Hills Hotel, down at the old-fashioned drug store counter. It tastes like that and it’s actually healthy," she explained. “I’m in love with it.”

Some of Kathy's other beverages of choice have made for iconic moments on Season 11 of the show. On the June 2 episode, Kyle Richards was shocked to see Kathy drinking a can of the energy drink Red Bull at 1 a.m. "Are you out of your f--king mind?" she asked, to which Kathy replied, "What is this?... I thought it was like, just a soft drink."

Full Episodes Rhobh 01
Full Episodes Rhobh 01

At a group dinner during the same episode, Kathy ordered a glass of water with olives, made to look like a martini, which kicked off an epic "bottoms up" prank war between some of the ladies. “I knew it would be hysterical, but then again I took the chance," Kathy recalled to Bustle. "What if they got mad at me? That worried me a little bit.”

Press play on the video above to relive Kathy's martini prank!