Kathy Bates advocates for medical marijuana use, especially for NFL players

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Kathy Bates stopped by Conan to promote her upcoming Netflix series, Disjointed. In the show, Kathy plays the owner of a marijuana dispensary, and it seemed like the Oscar-winning actress may have been doing some "character research" backstage before her interview. When Conan asked her about her character, Kathy said, "She's Ruth Whitefeather Feldstone -- no, Ruth Whitefeather Feldman," and then laughed while adding, "I gotta get this right." Although, Kathy got serious for a moment when she talked about the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation. The GCF focuses on advancing the research of medical cannabis in order to allow NFL players an alternative means to treat injuries such as concussions and chronic pain. Kathy told Conan, "These guys belong to this foundation and they've gotten off of the pharmaceuticals for their brain injuries and they've actually gone on to cannabis and it's really helped them a lot." But Kathy made sure to add this disclaimer, saying, "I'm not an expert. I've only done research for my character and it's not for everybody. So I want to just say that." She then leaned over toward Conan and added, "Thank God it's for me."