Kathryn Dennis Announces a Big Life Change: "This Girl Is Going Back..."

Kathryn Dennis Announces a Big Life Change: "This Girl Is Going Back..."
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Kathryn Dennis has worn so many hats in her 32 years of life.

The Southern Charm alum is a mom of two children — daughter, Kenzie and son, Saint — a loyal friend, and a one-time kid's furniture designer. But now she is about to wear another hat.

Kathryn has been so devoted to her friends and taking care of her kids over the past few years, but in a recent post on her Instagram story, Kathryn revealed that she's going to be focusing on herself in her latest venture. Read on to learn what major change Kathryn is making for her future.

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Kathryn Dennis' New Life Update

Kathryn took to her Instagram story this past week, where she posted a photo of herself looking into the camera, followed by some very big news.

The ever-so-stylish woman rocked a stunning black and white fit, while accessorizing with a black bow in her signature red hair. But it was the caption of the photo was the main focus.

Kathryn Dennis sitting in her car.
Kathryn Dennis sitting in her car.

Kathryn posts a photo of herself announcing her return to school on Instagram Stories.

Photo: Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

"This girl is going back to school!," Kathryn wrote over the top of the photo, while "BREAKING NEWS" scrolled along the bottom of the photo.

Kathryn did not share where she is going, what kind of school she is going to, or what she plans on studying, but this news is already exciting enough as it stands. Her followers can only hope that she shares more about her new journey back to school and keep them updated as she goes along on her Instagram account.

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Kathryn Dennis' Schooling and Career

This wouldn't be Kathryn's first time going to college. She previously attended the University of South Carolina starting in 2009, where she studied Political Science and Women's Studies, according to her Linked-In. Following her time at college, she worked in politics on both the federal and state level. But, in a 2018 interview with The Daily Dish, Kathryn said she wanted to pursue her passions.

An image of Kathryn Dennis overlaid on a colorful background.
An image of Kathryn Dennis overlaid on a colorful background.

Kathryn posts a photo of herself on October 3, 2023 in Charleston, South Carolina to Instagram.

Photo: Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

"I'm just kind of dabbling and exploring what it is I want to do now," Kathryn said. "I was studying politics and I wanted to go to law school and all that lame stuff that's just like a checklist. So now I'm just following what I really like, which is fashion and clothes, shoes. I'm trying to teach myself and re-learn who I am."

During her time as a cast member on Southern Charm, cameras captured her ventures into fashion. Viewers watched as Kathryn modeled, interned at a luxury department store, and revealed that she has dreams of being a fashion designer. She also launched a luxury furniture line for children, showing off her style as a home designer.

It is unclear if Kathryn will be studying something in the design field, so her followers will just have to stay tuned to find out what is next for her.