Kathryn Calhoun Dennis spills 'Southern Charm' Season 5 secrets, reveals the real reason behind Landon Clements's departure

For the four seasons that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has been one of the stars of Bravo’s reality show Southern Charm, it’s been an uphill battle for her viewer likability. Fans have watched the 25-year-old give birth twice, navigate a tumultuous relationship with Charleston royalty Thomas Ravenel, battle a drug dependency, and try to reclaim broken friendships.

As the mother of two enters her fifth season on the show, Dennis promises that the troubled part of her life is behind her for good. The redheaded ancestor of 19th century Vice President John Calhoun stopped by The Morning Breath on Monday to hint at the upcoming season and reveal where she stands with her fellow castmates, one of whom (Ravenel) is her baby daddy.

“I’m finally coming into my own. I’m out of the shadows of everyone else,” admits the Southern Charm original cast member

While viewers can expect another season of drama-filled dinner parties, polo-day tomfoolery, and frat-boy antics, Dennis confirms that one big change for Season 5 is that Landon Clements has headed west and put Charleston in her rear-view mirror. Between a failed travel website and getting romantically denied by Shep Rose in a cringe-worthy display, Clements’s time on the show was inevitably over.

And despite Clements’s contention that her departure was her idea, her longtime nemesis says the contrary. “It was Bravo’s [decision]. She was not asked back,” Dennis divulges.

In her place, former RelationShep finalist Peyton Pritchard will try to find her place within the tightly knit group. Rose might have broken Pritchard’s heart when he dumped her for Bella Clark in the spinoff’s finale, but he’ll have to deal with her wrath because the blond bombshell dropped her life in L.A. and moved into Southern Charm territory.

“She did indeed move here maybe with some motives, but I don’t think she’s causing trouble,” Dennis says of the California transplant. “I thought she was perfectly fine. I’m all for not judging people.”

And finally, the show’s unexplained narrator and popular favorite, Cameran Eubanks, will make her first appearance as a mom come spring. While Dennis has yet to meet baby Palmer, she has nothing but kind things to say about her newest mommy confidante. “I did see her right after birth and she looked great,” admits Dennis. “Motherhood really suits her.”

As in seasons past, Dennis struggles with her relationship with the 55-year-old Ravenel, as he moves on with a new woman and battles with the struggles of co-parenting. Dennis promises viewers that they’ll see her with her kids, but she can’t promise who or what “Big T” is willing to show.

A full plate of Bravo drama and brewing fashion ventures leaves Dennis grateful for her two kids, daughter Kensington and son St. Julien. “Having the kids helps me get through all the craziness and all the overwhelming stress.”