Kathie Lee Gifford's nude scene mishap with Craig Ferguson

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Kathie Lee Gifford returned to Today after taking some time off to film her new movie, Love Me to Death, in Scotland and shared an embarrassing story with her co-host Hoda Kotb.

Gifford was shooting a revealing scene with her co-star Craig Ferguson, in which she came out of a shower wearing only a robe. She said that in order to avoid a “Sharon Stone moment,” she was given a modesty garment that is informally called a “fud guard” in Scotland. “It looks like a heart, like a paper heart. It’s got adhesive on the back and you place it right where the sun don’t shine. Except it was shining in Scotland,” she recalled.

Apparently, the adhesive was no match for a long day of shooting in an old Scottish house that had no air conditioning. Gifford said, “All of a sudden it is so freaking hot that my fud guard melts off!”

According to Gifford, former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson couldn’t help but make so many jokes about the incident that she temporarily banished him from the set to film a scene.

Here’s a video that Gifford tweeted while on set with Ferguson.

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