Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares How Life Has Changed After the Arrival of Baby No. 2 With Chris Pratt

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A bigger family often leads to bigger change.

That's certainly the case for Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt who are now navigating life with 2-year-old Lyla and 4-month-old Eloise Christina. According to the mother of two, having multiple kids around the house is far different from just one.

"For me, the biggest transition has really just been sleep because it feels like when they both sleep, it's amazing," she told E! News in an exclusive interview. "Then, when one of them wakes up, it really just changes everything."

Katherine added, "I'm really open to learning any hack humanly possible when it comes to making things easier or making a better use of your time."

In between naps and rest, the best-selling author has been trying to connect with other new moms. Every week, she hosts an Instagram Live called "BDA Baby"—a.k.a. Before, During, After Baby—to explore multiple topics surrounding parenthood.

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"Being able to connect with different people has made becoming a mom during a pandemic really much more supportive," she said, "and made it feel like there's a community around you when there maybe physically wasn't."

Katherine Schwarzenegger
Katherine Schwarzenegger

She also has received plenty of love from her family, especially from her weekly Sunday meals at mom Maria Shriver's house, which she never comes (or leaves) empty handed.

So, Katherine recently teamed up with Rubbermaid to celebrate the brand's all-in-one DuraLite Bakeware.

"One of the things that I've been able to do with this line is make things at our house," Katherine explained, "and be able to easily transport them over to my mom's."

Katherine Schwarzenegger, Daughter, Lyla, Instagram
Instagram / Katherine Schwarzenegger

And as Katherine helps launch Rubbermaid's Tuesday Night Cooking Club on her Instagram Oct. 11, she's hoping to learn some new skills to pass onto her own daughters.

"I've always been really open about the fact that I'm not amazing in the kitchen," she said with a laugh. "The baby is still just on milk, but we're getting there! We are very new in the kitchen and also really excited to learn so much more."

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