Kate Nash and Toby Sebastian hope to get on Pamela Anderson's radar with new film 'Coffee Wars'

Kate Nash and Toby Sebastian are enemies in
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Pamela Anderson is famous for her veganism and love of animals, so, of course, there's a reference to her in the new movie Coffee Wars, a comedy in which the main character, a barista played by Kate Nash, is also vegan.

In a scene, another character brings a critter into Nash's coffee shop that he says is on loan from the Pamela Anderson Film and Television Animal Rescue.

In an interview, Nash, who went vegan after seeing the 2017 movie Okja, and her co-star Toby Sebastian, the former Game of Thrones actor and a musician, whose catalog includes a song performed with his younger sister, actress Florence Pugh, say they're eagerly awaiting any feedback from Anderson.

"Can you, like, put it out there and ask her what she thinks?" the singer and former GLOW actress asks Yahoo Entertainment. "Maybe she'll be in Coffee Wars 2."

Sebastian chimes in, "Pamela, let us know what you think."

Surely Anderson, whose Pamela Anderson Foundation supports individuals and organizations that "stand on the front lines in the protection of human, animal and environmental rights," would be impressed that their film is donating all the proceeds to environmental and animal welfare charities. It's produced by the socially conscious VegGood Films.

Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to Anderson for comment, but hasn't received a response.

"I love Pamela Anderson," Nash adds. "And also it's so cool that she’s got a documentary out and that she's been able to tell her own story."

Sebastian agrees: "She's extraordinary."

Like Nash and Sebastian, Coffee Wars is playful, despite its serious message. Nash's character, the headstrong Jo, enters the World Barista Championships in hopes of winning the much needed cash prize, and, along the way, finds herself forced to choose between her personal beliefs and the rules of the competition, which require her to use cow's milk. The movie explains just what it cost the planet each time someone orders a latte. And yet, there's no preaching or lecturing. Coffee Wars goes down more like Pitch Perfect, taking the audience into a world that's not widely known, in this case the art of coffee. There are funny sidekicks and announcers — the cast includes co-stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Owain Arthur, Jordan Stephens and Bridget Jones's Diary actress Sally Phillips — and even an underground competition.

"The movie is just funny, from start to finish, and it talks about a really important thing to talk about, which is, I think, awareness," says Sebastian, who plays Jo's nemesis, Rudy. "We need to think more. We need to take responsibility on whatever level it is… I think that a movie like this, it has a beautiful way of getting that through. To me, I'd only ever seen [an important message] through documentary. To see it in a comedy is so refreshing."

Nash felt as if Jo were written for her from the moment she first read the script.

"I think the thing about the movie is someone might go order their next coffee and get, like, an oat milk latte, like they'll just have a thought about it," she says. "And it's not making you feel bad, even though it is trying to make people feel bad the whole time."

She laughs, and adds that she appreciated that, like GLOW, the project centers around "a team of people that are a little strange and just unique... and they sort of don't fit in. And it's always fun to work on comedy, because you’re just gonna be having — like, hopefully — you're just gonna be having a good time, which is certainly the case for us."

<em>Coffee Wars</em> stars Kate Nash, center, and, from left, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Owain Arthur and Jordan Stephens, as well as Toby Sebastian. (Photo: <em>Coffee Wars</em>)
Coffee Wars stars Kate Nash, center, and, from left, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Owain Arthur and Jordan Stephens, as well as Toby Sebastian. (Photo: Coffee Wars)

She notes, too, that "it's great to be able to do something with an actual cause."

For Sebastian, who was born Sebastian Toby Pugh, Coffee Wars marks his first time doing a comedy, something he's always wanted.

"We were always, always mid-laughter," he says. "I had a trick when I was in school. We used to do these warm-up games, OK? Like the drama class we were in, and you'd have to try and make each other laugh. And whoever could keep a straight face would win. And I basically thought I had this bullet-proof technique to not laugh, and it was to bite my lip. And the more I tried to laugh, I had to bite my lip even more. And I thought that it was bullet-proof, 100 percent bulletproof. Until I got onto this set. It doesn't work!"

Kate Nash and Toby Sebastian star in
Kate Nash and Toby Sebastian star in Coffee Wars. (Photo: Coffee Wars) (Sergej RADOVIC)

The two had a chance to use their singing skills, too. Viewers who stay for the end credits of the movie will hear their voices on a duet.

"We did it separately — we weren't together — which is a shame," Nash says. "It would've been more fun to be in the studio together."

Nash jokes that they'll have another opportunity to work together when they work on their upcoming comedy album.

"Coming out next month," Sebastian says, playing along. "No, don't even push that because we won't have an album ready yet. We've gotta get working on it!"

Coffee Wars is available now on streaming services.

EDITOR'S NOTE: After publication, Yahoo Entertainment became aware that Coffee Wars director Randall Miller had pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in 2015. While Miller served as director on Midnight Rider in 2014, camera assistant Sarah Jones was killed and several people were injured as they filmed a scene involving a freight train. Miller spent a year in jail in Wayne County, Ga., and, per Variety, was ordered to pay a $20,000 fine and not to do any "directing, serving as first assistant director or supervisor with responsibility for safety on a film production." The prosecutor moved to revoke his probation in 2020 because he had directed the movie Higher Grounds, which was, like Coffee Wars, a pro-vegan film about a barista encouraging others to stop using cow's milk. The judge ruled that Miller had not violated his probation. Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to reps for the film.