Kate McKinnon returns to “SNL ”to crawl under Ryan Gosling's crotch in sequel to 'Close Encounter' alien sketch

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"When they saw I'm packing a troll nose, they just went right for it."

Weird Barbie and Ken just had an extraterrestrial reunion.

To celebrate his third time hosting Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling reconnected with his Barbie costar Kate McKinnon to revive their famous "Close Encounter" sketch, in which they each recount the wonder (and horrors) of being abducted by aliens.

This time around, Sarah Sherman stars as their fellow abductee, answering questions from government investigators played by Bowen Yang and Mikey Day. But while Gosling and Sherman have only positive memories from their time with the creatures, McKinnon’s recurring character Colleen Rafferty recalls being “vacuumed” up into space while she's in the middle of a lake bath.

"I land on the ship, still pants-less," she says, puffing a cigarette, "and I see my old buddies, the gray aliens, with their big, dumb eyes, and it hits me: I've been on this spaceship more times than I've been to a dentist."

<p>NBC</p> Kate McKinnon and Ryan Gosling on 'SNL'


Kate McKinnon and Ryan Gosling on 'SNL'

While Rafferty did not get to enjoy the soothing alien language that she describes as “ASMR love tingles,” she did cross paths with Gosling’s Todd during their time in space, when he wandered the ship in his transparent robe, catching the attention of her little gray friends.

“Like middle schoolers meeting Taylor Swift, they just mobbed me,” Todd says. When asked what caused their excitement, he proposes a theory: “Those things, they’re… smooth down there. They’re like a broken doorbell, ya know? No dong. So when they saw I’m packing a troll nose, they just went right for it.”

When Rafferty echoes him, emphasizing the reaction to his “troll nose,” Day interrupts to say, “I’ve never heard the term ‘troll nose’ before.”

To which Gosling’s Todd replies, “You must be hanging out at a different bowling alley than we do.”

Yang then requests that everyone “stop saying troll nose,” prompting Todd to ask, “During this or forever?”

Afterwards, McKinnon as Rafferty reenacts the troll-nose-fueled frenzy, standing Todd up and crawling between his legs to show how the aliens took turns “checking under the hood.”

While Colleen Rafferty has made plenty of appearances throughout McKinnon's run on the show — including in her final episode — this marks her third time playing the character opposite Gosling. The original "Close Encounter" sketch debuted in 2015, when the actor first hosted SNL, and it got a sequel in 2017, during his second stint on the show.

Just like those previous occasions, the latest sketch features Gosling doing his best to hold it together but inevitably cracking up during one of McKinnon’s killer one-liners. He even devolves into laughter while delivering one of his own lines.

Watch McKinnon and Gosling reunite with the aliens in the sketch above.

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