Kate Mara Talks 'Morgan,' Says She'd Definitely Do Another Superhero Movie

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

The new sci-fi thriller Morgan centers around a genetically engineered human (Anya Taylor-Joy) who may or may not pose a serious threat to the team of scientists that has spent years creating and studying her. But Kate Mara plays something even scarier in real life: a risk-management consultant sent by “corporate” to assess the situation.

Mara (House of Cards, Fantastic Four) joined Yahoo Movies for a Facebook Live interview (watch above), where she talked about the new film directed by Luke Scott, son of her Martian helmer (and genre master) Ridley Scott, who served as producer.

Some highlights:

—Mara cleared up how exactly you pronounce her last name. But there’s a twist. She says “Mare-ah” (like “Maryland”), but her sister Rooney Mara (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) prefers “Mahr-ah” (like “Martin”). Maybe one day they’ll get together and come to a consensus, but for now we’ll try to remember the distinction.

—Speaking of Rooney, Kate said her sister is the one actor she’d like to work with the most, though they don’t currently have any joint projects percolating. “That’ll happen eventually,” she said. “We’ll make that happen.”

—Kate loved whupping butt in Morgan. “It was unlike anything I’ve done. I’ve done little stunts her and there in films, but never [anything like this],” she said. “It was quite physically challenging, and I love that. When do you ever [get a] job where it’s your [responsibility] is learn to to kick somebody’s ass?”

—And speaking of action, Mara was asked by a Facebook viewer if she’d consider taking another superhero role (after last year’s Fantastic Four) like Batgirl or Supergirl. “Yeah,” she said without hesitation. “Let’s put that out there, I would love to. Absolutely.” One thing she does not love, though, is talking about Fantastic Four. “I answer honestly, and then the criticism goes on and on and on,” she said about 2015’s maligned reboot, which Mara has said in the past she never watched. You can’t fault her — at this point what can she say?

Morgan is now in theaters. Watch the trailer: