Kate Hudson Reflected On Her Time As Cassandra July On "Glee" And What It Was Really Like Behind The Scenes

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Kate Hudson is reflecting on her "very dramatic" experience on the Glee set and what it was like working with such a talented cast.

Closeup of Kate Hudson
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On a recent episode of her Sibling Revelry podcast, Kate sat down with her former series costar Jenna Ushkowitz to look back on the musical-comedy and share behind-the-scenes details.

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While on the show, Kate played Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) rude dance teacher, Cassandra July, in a recurring role during Season 4.

Screenshot from "Glee"
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"Honestly, [she was] one of the most fun characters I've played because she was so mean," Kate said.

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On Glee's impact in the nearly 10 years since it ended, she said, "It's wild and people rewatch and, like, young kids, you know, it has, like, these secondary lives. Young kids, they get introduced to Glee, and then they get obsessed with it."

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Despite loving her character, Kate said the overall environment on set was "very dramatic." She thinks that has to do with so many personalities being in one place, along with the immense amount of talent mixed in with their youth and hormones.

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Jenna, who portrayed Tina Cohen-Chang on the show, agreed with Kate. She added that despite the dramatics, the cast was still "all very close."

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"Yes, we all have our squabbles, but we really were a family, and it was easier to get along than it wasn't," Jenna said. "As dramatic as it was — and it's so interesting to hear you say that, Kate — there's just so many moving parts of our show, and so many cast members, and so many personalities."

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Kate couldn't help but agree with the notion that the cast acted as a little family. And, with all families, everyone has their moments. Kate added the "extraordinary talent" was also why things got somewhat challenging on set.

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"There's a reason why very talented people can sometimes be challenging to work with: They can be uncompromising. They really believe in themselves."

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"They know what they have to offer, and so you know, you get all of that in one room, and there's going to be some fun drama."

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Jordin Althaus / © Fox / Courtesy: Everett Collection

To hear more about Kate's time on Glee, be sure to check out the full Sibling Revelry episode here.