Kate Gosselin ‘Happy And At Peace’ In North Carolina, No Plans For Reality TV


Kate Gosselin is finally settling into her new life in North Carolina and is allegedly "happy and at peace" in her new, much quieter home and lifestyle. The former reality star has planned her move to North Carolina for years and finally did it after losing custody of her son, Collin, and daughter Hannah.

As Kate settles into her new life, Collin is finally opening up about their relationship as mother and son. He recently criticized his mother for institutionalizing him, which he said ruined their already troubled relationship. He also shared that although it would be ideal to be close to Kate, it's not something he mourns and cries about.

Collin also said his time in the institution caused serious damage and left him in a "dark place mentally," but it taught him much about himself. The teenager shared that he's now thankful that he can share his side of the story and give truthful answers.

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Kate Gosselin Is Happy In Her New North Carolina Home

Kate Gosselin

A source close to Kate recently revealed to The Post that the former reality star is "very happy and at peace" in her new home in North Carolina. The former reality downsized from her massive 24-acre home in Pennsylvania to a modest .88-acre home on Lake Norman, North Carolina.

The source also clarified that Kate currently has no plans to resume her reality TV life and is adjusting to her new life. Kate had reportedly been planning the move for years and finally took the jump after losing custody of her son, Collin, and daughter Hannah. The new home features a pool, hot tub, owner's suite, and an extended garage.

Collin Gosselin Spoke About His Strained Relationship With His Mom

Kate Gosselin's Son, Collin Sent To Behavioral Institute, 'I Think It Tore Us Apart'

The news of Kate settling into her new home comes shortly after Collin opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his damaged relationship with his mother. During the interview, he revealed their relationship had been damaged long before she institutionalized him for behavioral issues in 2018.

Collin said, "Even before [being] there, I don't think we had much of a relationship, and I think that just kept tearing it even more down." The teenager also claimed that the distance in the family originated from their relationship with TV and "what being in the public eye does to a family."

Collin also spoke about the possibility of reconciling with his mom and said that although he hopes for it, he won't "sit around and mourn and cry about it." He said, "It would be ideal. It's unfortunate that we didn't have a relationship. I think every son wants to have a relationship with their mom."

He Criticized His Mother's Decision To Institutionalize Him

Kate Gosselin attends The Celebrity Apprentice Finale on February 16, 2015 at Trump Tower in New York City, New York, USA.


Collin also said that his institutionalization at 12 years old caused him serious "damage" and put him in a "dark place." In 2016, Kate revealed that she'd enrolled Collin in a program to help with his "special needs" and troublesome "behavioral issues." Collin also shared the details of his experience in the two facilities, which he described as "scary."

The 18-year-old also shared that he "learned a lot" about himself in the institutions. Collin said, "I spent my 13th and 14th birthday there, so I was young. I didn't have a lot of life skills. I didn't really know even what to expect, what to think of being there at the time, so I was hopeless."

Collin Gosselin Is Thankful He Can Share His Story

Kate Gosselin's Son, Collin Sent To Behavioral Institute, 'I Think It Tore Us Apart'

During the interview with ET, Collin also pointed out that his time in the institutions prevented him from speaking publicly about his own side of the story, which he can do now that he's free. He also revealed that it wasn't until he wrote to his Dad, Jon Gosselin, that he was able to "mentally figure out that there was a way out of there."

Collin said, "I wanted to take time for myself, and I wasn't able to give truthful answers. I mean, there were just things out there, you know, not my words — other people's words. It was tough, but, you know, it's good now to be able to put my own word out there."