Kate Bosworth separates from Michael Polish after nearly 8 years of marriage

Kate Bosworth is separating from Michael Polish after 10 years together and nearly eight years of marriage.

The Blue Crush actress, 38, made the breakup announcement Thursday in a heartfelt statement on Instagram.

"Our hearts are full, as we have never been so enamored and deeply grateful for one another as we do in this decision to separate," Bosworth wrote in the post also signed by the director.

Along with a black-and-white photo of them kissing in 2011, the year they started dating, she detailed a bit of their love story ("fireworks, magnets, rebellion"), and stressed their parting is amicable.

"Together, over the last ten years, Michael and I have chosen love, every time," Bosworth wrote. "We hold hands as tightly today as we entangled fingers on our wedding day. Our eyes look more deeply into one another, with more courage now. In the process of letting go, we have come to acknowledge that our love will never end. The connection does not simply disappear. The love deepens, the heart expands."

She said they're even planning their next movie together after collaborations including 2020's Force of Nature, 2016's Before I Wake and — the film that brought them together — 2013's Big Sur.

"We believe the most epic love stories are those which transcend expectation. Our greatest honor has been to experience love like this, and to continue to marvel at the beauty of love’s evolution. What happens when we reach the end of something and realize … we are just at the beginning. This is love."

Bosworth said she was aware the news of their amicable split and continued love for one another "will sound strange to some, romantic to others." However, "To us: this is truth."

Bosworth and Polish did not have children together, however she is stepmother to his 23-year-old daughter, Jasper. The actress — who dated Orlando Bloom prior to Polish— is also close with Jasper's mother, makeup artist Jo Strettell, with them all working to blend their modern family, which Bosworth has said she was very proud of.

Polish was sued in March for alleged assault on crew member during a production in Montana last fall. The lawsuit stated Bosworth was there at the time and helped art director Jack Renner to his feet after Polish allegedly threw him to the ground. According to the complaint, Renner hit his head during the dispute.