Kate Bock's Inspiration Behind Her Summer Wedding to Kevin Love Is More Than a Slam Dunk

Kate Bock is preparing to swap swimsuits for wedding gowns.

As the supermodel celebrates her 10th appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, fans are rooting for any and all teases into her summer wedding to NBA star Kevin Love.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Kate gave a taste of her vision board that is quickly becoming a reality.

"I have so many boards you don't even know," Kate said. "Kevin is very visual. It explains what's in my head and then for him to agree or disagree or move things around so it's really a very helpful exercise so that we both see the same thing."

And luckily, Kate says they are "very aligned on our style and our vibe." While the model didn't want to spoil too much about her big day, Kate said she's been inspired by "Ralph Lauren, Frank Sinatra, The Great Gatsby, black tie and formal glamour."

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 50th Anniversary Party

As for her wedding dress, Kate included her fiancé in one beautiful tease. "I would say if Kevin were to say that in my life, there's one person I'm the most inspired by or who is most aspirational to me—dead or alive," she explained, "my dress is based on something she's worn."

Kevin Love, Kate Bock

While fans are going to have to wait a little longer for the final reveal, Kate's latest appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's star-studded issue is here.

This year, the 34-year-old traveled to Belize, where she had a photo shoot with sharks. While she was scared at first, Kate was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.

"I got to do so many cool adventures in a foreign land that I've never been to before," she said. "And luckily, they were lovely, very polite, vegetarian sharks so it wasn't as terrifying as it initially sounded."

Sports Nuts: Famous Fans

In the 10 years she has been appearing in the magazine, Kate has noticed more diversity and inclusivity when she flips through the pages—and her fans have also taken note.

Kate Bock

"You have so many women connecting with you and in tears because they finally feel represented and they feel that they've been reflected on the pages," Kate said. "Someone that looks like them or has a scar like them or has whatever insecurity, it's now in a magazine calling it beautiful. Women are feeling like, ‘Oh my god, I can see myself as beautiful' and that has been such a powerful thing to be part of."

When the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue hits newsstands on May 19, Kate reminds fans of all ages not to compare themselves to others. Instead, it's all about being happy with yourself.

"Someone is always going to have something that you don't or something that you wish you had," she said. "If you focus on that, that's not going to help you but if you focus on the positives and the things that you really find special or unique or beautiful about yourself, that's going to do so much more for you."

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