'The Disappointments Room' Trailer: Kate Beckinsale Moves Into a House of Horrors (Exclusive)

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

The attic: a great place for storage and whatnot, but also pretty much ruined by horror movies. Perhaps no other room save the basement is so frequently haunted onscreen by the malevolent spirits of previous residents. And it’s the attic that provides the setting of terror in the upcoming psychological thriller The Disappointments Room (watch the exclusive trailer above).

Kate Beckinsale stars as Dana, a woman who moves with her husband (Mel Raido) and young son (Duncan Joiner) from Brooklyn to an idyllic southern mansion in need of “a fresh start.” But when Dana (who, the trailer implies, has battled mental-health issues in the past) discovers a mysterious, unmarked room in the attic, their new dream home quickly becomes the place of nightmares.

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Historically, the film’s title refers to rooms that families in the 19th century would use to hide children with disabilities, which might provide some clues to what poor Dana and clan will be contending with once she unlocks it.

The Disappointments Room is directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia), who cowrote the script with Prison Break and The Flash actor Wentworth Miller (marking his second screenplay credit after 2013’s well-received Stoker). The film also features Lucas Till and Gerald McRaney. It opens in theaters Sept. 9.

Check out the exclusive poster for The Disappointments Room: