Go-kart slams into garage before dragging fleeing driver in snow, Arkansas video shows

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Centerton Police Department/Video Screengrab

A go-kart driver was taking a ride through a snowy Arkansas neighborhood when it appeared to stall at an intersection, surveillance video shows.

The driver hopped off and tried to restart the engine when the go-kart took off — all by itself, the video shows. That go-kart then abruptly came to a stop when it crashed into a Centerton home the morning of Saturday, Jan. 15.

Video shared by police shows the driver ran up the driveway to get the go-kart and appeared to be pushing it back down when the go-kart once again took off. It dragged the driver along the sidewalk and into a front yard covered in snow.

The “incredibly agile, resilient, go kart boogie boarder” managed to flee the scene, according to a post from the Centerton Police Department.

Homeowner Sankar Kandhasamy told KNWA the driver caused nearly $1,000 in damage to her garage door and provided the video to police.

“He could have reached me, he could have knocked on my door and told me about this incident,” she told the Arkansas TV station. “He simply ran away, so luckily I had a camera.”

After sharing the video to Facebook, police said the driver has since been identified.

“And no, his name is not Mario,” police added, referencing the Mario Kart racing video game series.

Centerton is in northwest Arkansas, about 30 miles north of Fayetteville.

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