Karl Urban Thinks He’d Be Friends With Bones From ‘Star Trek’

Dr. Leonard McCoy, aka Bones, sits alongside Kirk and Spock as one of Star Trek’s three most central characters. While he is certainly a good guy and a talented doctor, Bones can be a little … irritable. When Yahoo Movies sat down with Karl Urban, who succeeded DeForest Kelley in the role of McCoy, we wanted to know if the New Zealand-born actor would get along with his character. He thinks he would.

“He’s got a fun side to him, and you can see that, particularly in the scene where he’s having a drink with Kirk,” Urban said. “He’s a good sort. He’s a good friend. He’s passionate and a little irascible. But it’s really just a front because when you get down to it, you know, he’s there on a very human level for you.”

While Urban might want to hang out with Bones, it turns out fans are clamoring for the doctor to hang out with someone else. Well, maybe more than just hang out. When we asked Urban and his co-star and Star Trek Beyond writer Simon Pegg if they had heard anything fans have been clamoring for, Pegg replied, “More Spones. People love Spones. People are shipping Spones left, right, and center.”

In case that didn’t make sense to you, by Spones they mean Spock + Bones. And by ship they mean relationship. We managed to ask Urban one more essential question about his character: How does he know when to do “the eyebrow?” “Anytime I think Zach is going to out-eyebrow me,” Urban said with a laugh, “is when I pull out the eyebrow.”

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