Karen Gillan And Pom Klementieff Pitched A Quill And Nebula Rom-Com, And Now I Need To See It

 Karen Gillan and Chris Pratt
Karen Gillan and Chris Pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 certainly lived up to the hype, and it looks like a number of people really enjoyed the final installment in the trilogy. However, what fans also seem to be living for are the interactions between the actors amid the press tour. Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff have easily been two of the most delightful personalities when it comes to interviews. They two have amazing chemistry and both seem to love the characters they play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That passion is arguably what prompted them to pitch a romantic comedy featuring Peter Quill and Nebula – and I need that to happen now.

It’s no secret that fans would love to see Nebula and Quill hook up. Heck, even James Gunn is aware of the highly popular ship, which one might call “Quebula.” Karen Gillan even theorized that her fan-favorite character has a crush on Star-Lord but can’t quite articulate her thoughts on the matter. The Scottish actress took that hypothesis a step further while she and Pom Klementieff sat down with Screen Rant. Gillan would apparently love to see a rom-com centered around the two characters and knows which classic movie it should take inspiration from. And if that weren’t delightful enough, Klementieff wants Mantis (who’s also been the subject of romantic fan fiction) to pop in as well:

Karen Gillan: I actually really could see a His Girl Friday [for them]. Quippy back-and-forth, witty banter and bickering.
Pom Klementieff: Are you pitching a rom-com? That'd be so fun. Can I be in it too?
KG: Sure, yeah, come on in.
PM: Will you be mean to me again?
KG: Not the rom-com. New rules!

Are you taking notes, Kevin Feige? Because this could be a lot of fun, if I’m being honest. Marvel Studios’ has utilized elements from rom-coms in some of its past movies, with Thor: Love and Thunder being the most prominent example. Just imagine Peter Quill and Nebula realizing their feelings for each other in a breezy, romantic romp set to the backdrop of space. If the two actresses get their way with this one, they apparently want all of the traditional rom-com trappings as well. Pom Klementieff, for her part, knows what season the movie should take place in, and she wants Mantis to be dressed appropriately:

I would love for Mantis to wear a beanie. In rom-coms, it's always Winter time or Fall. So, a beanie, with her antennas going through the beanie.

From there, she asked Karen Gillan if she had an ideal choice of attire for Nebula, and the Doctor Who alum responded with a sweet suggestion. She also devised a scenario that could serve as a lovely meet-cute for Neb and Quill:

Maybe Nebula gets her arm stuck in a little grate on the floor or something, and then Star-Lord has to get right, and then they have a meet-cute. [She has on], like, a little cocktail dress. But with the arm out.

If there’s any character who deserves more time to shine in the MCU, it’s Karen Gillan’s Neb. She’s easily one of the most complex individuals in the entire franchise and, quite frankly, some of you have been sleeping on this daughter of Thanos for years. After what she’s been through, she deserves a healthy romance, whether it be with Quill or someone else. The chances of her getting a rom-com at this point are slim, but it still doesn’t hurt for us to manifest the idea alongside Gillan and Pom Klementieff.

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