Is Kanye West's New Found Interest in Religion and Gospel Affecting Kim Kardashian's Style?

As of the month of October, Kanye West announced that he has fully converted to Christianity, prompting a dramatic shift in his lifestyle, as he now hosts a church Sunday service almost every week. His conversion has also led to the release of songs that are exclusively gospel. During this transition period for West, his wife, Kim Kardashian has been going through a transition of her own, albeit, a different one. Her style of dress has become increasingly conservative and not like the Kim K of old. But is Kanye's new interest the culprit for her change in wardrobe or is it something else?


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Religion Plays a Role

According to multiple reports, it seems as though Kanye has dictated particular rules for how Kim is allowed to dress as a result of his new involvement with Christianity. Although both claim that he's not forcing her to wear more conservative clothing and that she still has the freedom to wear what she'd like, it's blatantly apparent that there has been some compromise in a dress. In May at the Met Gala, Kardashian decided to wear a corset dress that was quite revealing, infuriating West as to her choice. Since then, things have toned down. But are there any other reasons for her newly conservative style?

Kim's Focus on Law School and Politics

When Kardashian stated that she was interested in following in her father's footsteps as a lawyer, many people scoffed. The truth is, she had been assisting with a law firm for some time, a loophole that can make someone eligible to take state boards. Now that she is in full gear working towards eventually taking the California Bar Examination and has set her eyes on politics, she's aiming for a more conservative look so that she is taken seriously and not thought of as a sex symbol. Her desire to be thought of as a professional is without a doubt, a driving force for her new style.

Moms Wearing Mom Jeans

Kim Kardashian isn't going that far with the mom role, but she does cite being a mother as a reason that her style of dress has become more conservative. Her epiphany came when she realized that her Instagram feed was composed almost entirely of pictures that were very close to complete nudity. This didn't sit well with her and she has made the choice to change her overall appearance for the sake of her children. To her, it was an awakening that she is happy to have experienced.

The New Kim Kardashian

Whether or not Kanye's new affiliation with Christianity and religion has been the main reason for Kardashian's new wardrobe style, we'll never know for sure. What is known, though, is that there have been a handful of other contributing factors including her desire to become a lawyer and enter politics, as well as, the influence of her children and aim for how she will portray herself as a mother to them. Regardless, welcome to the new Kim Kardashian. It's safe to say that she has transformed her appearance for the better.