Kanye West Releases Emmanuel Christmas EP

Daniel Kohn
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For the second year in a row, Kanye West has surprise-released a Christmas EP, only this time it takes a much different twist. Last year, West’s Jesus Is Born was gospel-inspired. This time, the rapper/mogul/ex-presidential candidate took things up a notch. Titled Emmanuel, which means “God is with us,” West’s Sunday Service Choir performed while West composed the music and executive produced as well.

The five-song, 12-minute EP is described as being inspired by “ancient and Latin music” and is a “celebration of the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ.”

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Listen to it below.

Earlier this year, West promised to release new music on an album titled DONDA, which seemingly would have been a tribute to his late mother. But that music was never released but he did manage to pee on one of his old Grammys.

On July 4th, West announced he was running for president. That ill-fated run was conceived by West in the shower (or so he told Joe Rogen) and featured a campaign appearance in South Carolina, which you can see here. The venture was expensive, however, costing West $6 million of his own money. He’s also been slapped with several lawsuits this year as well.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy year for a guy who manages to still make headlines whenever he does something.

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