Kanye West spouts off on Trump and Obama as Kim Kardashian tells people to back off mental health speculation

Kanye West has been tweeting for nine straight hours. On Wednesday, the rapper fired off his thoughts on an array of topics, but the most buzzy has been about President Trump.

It all started on Tuesday when reports surfaced again that West was heading for another breakdown. According to People magazine, the rapper has recently had “explosive fights” with both Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. His behavior has allegedly alarmed some in his inner circle, though West is denying it.

As is Kris Jenner.

But sources tell Yahoo Entertainment there are people who are concerned with West’s recent antics. “Yeah, people are worried,” says one insider. “Naturally, you can’t help but draw parallels to [Kanye’s] behavior now and back in 2016.”

In November 2016, West was hospitalized following a string of outbursts on his “Life of Pablo” world tour, which he abruptly canceled. At the time, reports surfaced that his breakdown was due to exhaustion and sleep deprivation, although West supposedly said it was from opioid addiction. (That seems to be the only thing West hasn’t addressed on Twitter.)

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that, after firing members of his team, the rapper was acting “erratic” — a word Kardashian’s husband evidently doesn’t much care for.

West did, however, acknowledge the shakeup of his inner circle.

What does Kanye’s wife make of his sporadic return to Twitter? A source close to Kardashian says that, behind closed doors, she’s “concerned,” and isn’t thrilled about West’s public outbursts — particularly the “I really love Donald Trump” remarks.

“She loves him and has his back in everything, but she can’t control what he says and tweets,” the insider tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Of course, she’d like him to scale back [the Twitter rants] a bit.”

West praised Trump many times on Wednesday.

That spurred a call from his wife.

It didn’t stop the Trump love, though — something the president appreciates.

West went on to tweet about his admiration for Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook. (President Trump met with Cook today at the White House to discuss trade.)

He also threw some shade Obama’s way.

Kardashian backed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, and their differing political beliefs has caused friction before, despite the fact that West says today he’s not a Democrat or a Republican.

Still, the KKW Beauty mogul, who has three children with West, has been fiercely defending her husband online.

Chance the Rapper also weighed in to support ‘Ye.

Donald Trump Jr. even weighed in on that last tweet.

He also supported Kardashian.

Overall, Kardashian has also been trying to play things as totally cool the last few days.

And coming for anyone who doesn’t think this is all in good fun.

“She’s going to continue to put on a united front,” says the source.

Hey, Kimye has weathered challenges before — surely this tweetstorm is no different. It probably helps that West is (supposedly) done … for now.

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