Kanye West Bringing Larry Hoover Benefit Concert With Drake to Amazon Prime and IMAX

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Image via Getty
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Together with Amazon Music, Kanye West is bringing his prison reform benefit concert to Prime Video in the hopes of bringing awareness to the Larry Hoover case on Dec. 9. As we previously reported, the event will feature Drake. This is the first concert Kanye has headlined in five years.

The event takes place at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles—but fans will be able to stream the concert for free through Prime in more than 240 countries worldwide at 8 p.m. PT. It will also be available to stream on the Amazon Music Twitch channel.

“I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause, but prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our price aside and come together,” said Kanye.

According to a statement from Amazon, Kanye hopes to bring awareness to prison reform, specifically sentencing, with support from legal reform and community advocates including Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change, Hustle 2.0, and Uptown People’s Law Center.

Drake joined the concert as a featured artist after J. Prince was influential in ending a years-long beef between he and Kanye. Most recently, Larry Hoover Jr. sat down with Drea O to talk about what it means to have both stars performing at a concert to bring awareness to his father’s case.

“Kanye and Drake have spent their careers pushing boundaries and defining culture, and we’re excited to give fans around the world a front row seat to this concert,” said Tim Hinshaw, head of hip-hop and R&B at Amazon Music. “We have made Amazon Music and Prime Video destinations where artists can make their most ambitious ideas a reality—this concert is just the latest example.”

The event will also be shown at select IMAX theaters across the U.S. as a one-night-online live event.

Prince, who has been instrumental in the development of the benefit and getting Kanye and Drake involved, has been vocal about prison reform, specifically with Larry Hoover. “Through my work with Larry Hoover and his family, I’ve really had my eyes opened to the plight of incarcerated people in this country, and I hope fans of Ye and Drake will take the time to do the same,” he said.