Kanye Makes It to Chicago’s Birthday Party After Claiming Kardashians Wouldn’t Give Him the Address

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Despite some family drama, Kanye West refused to miss his daughter’s special day,.

On Saturday afternoon, the multi-hyphenate shared a video in which he expressed his frustration over Chicago West’s fourth birthday celebration. The video shows Kanye behind the driver’s wheel, accusing the Kardashians of intentionally keeping him away from the party.

“I wasn’t allowed to know where her party was, there’s nothing legal that’s saying that this is the kind of game that’s being played,” he says. “This is the kind of thing that really has affected my health for the longest and I’m just not playing. I’m taking control of my narrative this year. I’m being the best father—the Ye version of a father—and I’m not finna let this happen.”

Kanye goes on to wish Chicago a happy birthday and says he’s only sharing the video because he needs his fans’ support.

“I done call Kim, texted nannies, I got on the phone with Tristan [Thompson],” he continues. “He asked Khloé [why] won’t nobody give me the address to my daughter’s birthday party right now. That’s gonna imprint in her mind that I wasn’t there for her. You get what I’m saying?”

He claims he was supposed to be in Miami to record his next album, and that his entire scheduled is based around his fatherly duties.

“They been takin’ fathers out of the homes purposefully,” he says. “So I’m speaking up. I’m using my voice to say this ain’t going to keep happenin’.”

Shortly after sharing the video, Kanye was spotted at Chicago’s party alongside Kris Jenner. The event appeared to be a joint birthday celebration with Stormi Webster, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, who also appear in the video.

Kanye and Kim have been in divorce proceedings for nearly a year. The couple, who have four children together, announced their separation back in February, nearly seven years after tying the knot. Kim has since started a relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, while Kanye has been making headlines with his new flame, Julia Fox.

During a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Ye opened up about his current relationship with Kim and some of the issues he’s faced since their split. He told the outlet there was one time when his oldest daughter, North, asked him to come inside Kim’s home, but her security wouldn’t allow it.

“So at that point, security was in between me and my children and that’s what was not going to happen,” Ye recalled “But I didn’t want to argue about it. So I just chilled, took my kids to school, and then took my kids back. I am driving. I bring them back and North was like, ‘I want you to come upstairs and see something.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, Daddy can’t come see something. Daddy can’t come inside.’ But that hadn’t been defined.”

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