Kantara Chapter 1 Teaser Trailer Out: Rishab Shetty Dons Kantara Legend Again

Photo Credit: Hombale Films
Photo Credit: Hombale Films
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In Kannada cinema, actor Rishab Shetty stands as a trailblazer after making waves with the 2022 blockbuster Kantara. The film, initially a hit in Karnataka, soon became a nationwide sensation.

Now, with much anticipation, the first glimpse of Kantara’s prequel, titled Kantara Legend: Chapter 1, has been unveiled. The prequel promises a riveting continuation of the legendary saga.

Check the teaser trailer out here:

Kantara Chapter 1: What is Kantara legend?

The teaser trailer sees an enigmatic setting that is shrouded in darkness. Featuring Rishab Shetty at the center of a circle, his eyes are fixed on a distant light. The familiar roar from the first movie echoes, setting the stage for what lies ahead.

The narrator says, “Light. Everyone can see everything in light. But this is not light, this is vision. Vision of what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen, the light that shows everything. Can you see it?”

The teaser shows a striking figure clad in blood-soaked attire. The mystical figure is adorned with rudraksha beads, long curly hair, and a beard. With a trishul (trident) in hand, the mysterious man looks up and reveals his fiery eyes. Interestingly, the trailer ends with seven different ragas of music representing each of the seven languages in which Kantara Chapter 1 will be released.

The upcoming prequel is going to take back viewers to the roots of the Panjurli Daiva. A mythical being from the time period of 301-400 AD. All in all, Kantara Chapter 1 will pay tribute to the reign of the Kadamba Dynasty, which is one of the ancient royal families of Karnataka.

Additionally, Rishab Shetty wrote and directed Kantara Chapter 1, just like the first film. In an interview with Indian Express, the actor remained tight-lipped about the upcoming film. However, he mentioned, “Writing and pre-production is going on. This year we will start shooting and next year we plan to release it.” As it is, the theaters will soon release the prequel.

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