Kansas Pool Store Floods After Freezing Temperatures Cause Fault in Fire Sprinkler Line

A store in Hutchinson, Kansas, was severely flooded on February 15 after freezing temperatures in the area wreaked havoc with the building’s sprinkler system.

The owners of Ebeling Pools received an early morning phone call from their alarm company, as well as the local police, to say that there was water coming from their store.

“The six inch sprinkler line for the building enters in room adjacent to our store. The line froze and broke. From security cameras the leak started about 5.10 am. It had been snowing so the property manager arrived at 5.30 am to clean the parking lot,” Mark Ebeling told Storyful.

Footage by Ebeling shows the water flooding through the store.

“They noticed water coming out of another business at the opposite end of the building. By the time they figured out what was happening our store had 28 inches of water in it. They were able to get our business door open to drain the water,” he said.

According to Ebeling, city employees were able to locate and successfully shut off the valve a couple of hours after the flooding started. Credit: Charles M Ebeling via Storyful