Kamala Harris asks Trump if any of his reported $421 million in debt is owed to a foreign nation

Vice presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris appeared on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Monday night, where she responded to the blockbuster New York Times story that broke a day earlier. On Sunday, the Times, after obtaining more than two decades of tax returns, reported that President Trump is $421 million in debt to unknown lenders, causing some to believe the president to be a national security threat. Harris questioned who Trump owes money to and if it has an impact on his decision making.

“Who does he owe the money to? Tell us, who do you owe the money to? And do you owe debt to any foreign nation?” Harris asked. “Do you owe anybody money who is impacted by any decision you make as president of the United States? We need to know that. The American people have the right to know that when the president of the United States acts, he acts with their priorities in mind, not with his priorities in mind.”

Harris went on to say that Trump puts his political interests above those of the American people, and now it has become clear he does the same with his personal interests.

The Times also reported that between 2000 and 2015, Trump didn’t pay any taxes at all after reporting huge losses. Then, when he did pay taxes in 2015 and 2016, Trump only paid $750. Trump having paid so little made Harris do a double take.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it. Literally I thought that someone left off the three zeros after a comma. I honestly couldn’t believe it,” Harris said. “Not only is it shocking, really shocking, truly shocking, but it’s so unfair. And I guess that’s really how I feel mostly about it. It’s just not right.”

The Biden team didn’t waste any time putting out a video showing how much more average Americans paid in taxes than Trump, and created a website to help people calculate how much more they personally paid than Trump. Harris echoed that sentiment.

“I mean, you’ve got teachers, you’ve got firefighters, you’ve got frontline workers, you’ve got people who are doing God’s work to protect and lift us up paying more in taxes than the self-professed billionaire?” Harris said. “It’s inexcusable, and it’s just completely, patently unfair.”

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