Kaley Cuoco Is Hungover After Partying Too Hard, Eating a Whole Pizza to Herself

We've all been there, the morning after. It's usually filled with cloudy reflections of choices that were made in the prior night, and Kaley Cuoco is no exception. The "Big Bang Theory" star ended up going so hard that she ended up devouring an entire pizza, and she's got no regrets.

Cuoco gave her fans the rundown of the night's antics in her latest rendition of "A Cup of Cuoco," which was posted on IGTV. The star made it clear she had a "Saturday Holiday Hangover," and was sipping on a large cup of coffee while sporting some puffy eyes.


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What Happened?

Cuoco did not beat around the bush, telling her fans:

"I am hungover! Ya. I don’t remember the last time I was hungover. I just don’t get hungover anymore ... don’t like the way it feels."

However, she admits that it was definitely "worth the hangover," and thinks its a combination of a "work hangover, definitely a partying hangover, and a food hangover."

Cuoco just wrapped filming for the year on an upcoming series, "The Flight Attendant," and says she helped organize the wrap party for the cast & crew.

"Me and some of the producers of "Flight Attendant" took the crew out last night. I had envisioned, it’s a Friday night I wanted to go out, wanted it to be a cheat day."

The star said she waited "weeks" for a big cheat day, and "from the moment I woke up I was cheating."

About that Pizza...

The "Big Bang Theory" star said she indulged in all of the treats, including chocolate, danishes, candy and other desserts. She said "people were bringing me presents," and joked that "Cuoco will eat it," when it came to disposing of other holiday delights.

"I ate burrata at like 3:30," she admitted.

Then explained that, "Anyway, we wrapped, had a shot. I wanted to go to a bar, we ordered like 12 pizzas."

She then revealed, "I had an entire pizza to myself." Photo evidence of the incident was posted to her IG page with a pic of her chowing down on the pie.

"This flight attendant is wrapped for the holidays! I ate an entire pizza to myself, 45 desserts, cocktails, I might have danced on the bar, oh and beat @michielhuisman at ping pong. Happy holidays, everyone!"

Good Times

After all the partying and pizza, Cuoco said: "I definitely partied pretty hard, had so much food,."

She added, "I didn't know my body could consume that amount of food. It was my night."

Reflecting more, she said, "I definitely partied too hard."

The star also remembered calling her husband, Karl Cook, and admitted she couldn't wait to hear his recollection of their late-night conversation.

After recanting the night's evening, Cuoco told fans she was "gonna go pack and take a few Advil," then added, "Maybe more than a few."