K-Pop Group TOMORROW X TOGETHER Discover How Well They Know Each Other: 'We Know as Much as There Is to Know'

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted in 2019 and have already found worldwide success with hits like "Crown" and "Blue Hour," and their latest EP Minisode 2: Thursday's Child has taken the charts by storm in numerous countries.

Now the bond of members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai is put to the test in this latest round of PEOPLE's K-Pop Quiz. While Soobin exclaims that "we know as much as there is to know," we check to see if they all agree when it comes to who is the most fashionable, who can sing the highest note and who would win in a dance-off.

First, the guys have to figure out what celebrity Taehyun would be starstruck over. Taehyun jokes that he and Justin Bieber are "already buddies," shutting down his bandmates' first guess. Meanwhile, HueningKai believes the answer is himself. "Aren't you often surprised by me," he asks, to which Taehyun jokingly agrees. The real answer: a toss-up between The Kid LAROI and the founder of their label Big Hit Music, Bang Si-hyuk.



When it comes to Beomgyu's favorite on-stage outfit, Soobin believes "there are too many," HueningKai guesses bomber jackets and Yeonjun thinks it's the outfit from their "I Know I Love You" video. But Beomgyu is quick to shut that down, as well as his look from the "Drama" video. The correct choice: his ensemble from the "LOSER=LOVER" music video.

As for Yeonjun's sleeping habits, the members point out that it "changes every day" depending on their schedule, and struggle coming to any sort of a consensus. After hearing a different response from each of the guys, he settles on 11 a.m., which HueningKai correctly guessed, calling it "a relaxed morning."

One thing they do quickly get right is figuring out which animal HueningKai would be if he could choose. The guys guess penguin and unicorn, both of which he declares as "great animals," but penguin ultimately wins. HueningKai clarifies that he does like unicorns, but as Soobin points out, he "does resemble a penguin."

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The TXT performers initially believe Soobin's favorite fictional character is Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe before changing their decision to Hermione from Harry Potter, which ends up being the correct answer. "She had my heart when I was young," Soobin admits, despite saying he does still like Wanda a lot.

Picking out Taehyun's ideal superpower is no easy feat, with Beomgyu guessing teleporting, HueningKai leaning towards mind-reading and Yeonjun thinking it would just be "sheer power." He ultimately goes with teleportation because "it's practical," and as HueningKai points out, he already has strength. "Then I'd be able to visit the U.S. within a day," Taehyun explains, with HueningKai noting that they would be able to get American snacks whenever they wanted, like Beomgyu's favorite: Hot Cheetos.

Tomorrow X Together
Tomorrow X Together

Big Hit Entertainment

Now for the most important question of all: would Yeonjun or Soobin win in a dance-off? The general consensus is Yeonjun, and while Beomgyu feels "sad for Soobin" because "he gets no votes," he doesn't change his mind. The pair then participate in a battle to prove if the guys are right, which leads HueningKai to confess "they were both great so they both win."

In the lightning round, Yeonjun gets the most votes for being the most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. Soobin says "he'd survive with his brain" and "would beat the zombies up because he's good, he's a good fighter, while HueningKai agrees Yeonjun "would be the leader type," who "always survives long."

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It's decided that Beomgyu is the best at keeping secrets, and he add that "if you have something you can't really say or feel uncomfortable about, message me, contact me, and I'll take some time out." However, he later admits that "it's not so much that I'm keeping secrets, it's more that I forget them."

Meanwhile, HueningKai is declared the most fashionable, although they admit their styling team is "saying no way" off camera. Yeonjun says he does "respect HueningKai's dedication to one specific style" and that "he's a professional when it comes to hoodies." HueningKai agrees, admitting he has "various colors, zip-ups, short sleeves... I love hoodies."

And as for who can sing the highest note, the guys run their vocal scales to see who comes out on top. The member closest to breaking glass with their voice: Soobin.