K-Pop group BTS watched 'Friends' to learn English

The seven-member K-pop band BTS made their daytime TV debut on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday. Not only did they perform their single “Mic Drop” from their latest album, Love Yourself: Her and talk about their music, but they also shared some interesting information with their U.S. viewing audience. The leader of the group, RM, revealed how they learned the English language.

The group members sat down with Ellen and an interpreter to introduce themselves right before RM shared that fun fact with everyone. When Ellen commented that RM speaks English (and pretty well), he said he taught himself the language and added, “Actually, my English teacher was the sitcom ‘Friends.'”

RM thanked his mother for making him sit down and watch the sitcom that taught him how to speak English. He said he first watched the show with the Korean subtitles and then switched to English subtitles — and now, he watches with none.

Ellen also appreciates “Friends” for the BTS assist, so in good ol’ Ellen fashion, she sent them off with a “friendly” gift basket.

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