Justin Trudeau Photobombs Students’ Prom Photo While Out Jogging

It’s not every day that a celebrity photobombs your prom photo, much less a world leader. But on Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did just that.

While Trudeau was out for a jog in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, he made an unscheduled appearance, jogging through a high school prom photo. Though it looked like the prime minister was pulling off a photobomb, the students actually begged Trudeau to join their photo shoot.

“We were just taking photos and hanging around talking, and then Trudeau — he just comes running,” said student Constantine Maragos.

“At first, we were like, ‘Why is the prime minister of Canada running the seawall?’ And then we started yelling for Trudeau to get in the photo,” she added.

The charismatic leader obliged the students with a group photo, and his official photographer, Adam Scotti, tweeted a picture of the moment, captioning it: “Prom season in #Vancouver”


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