Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Defend Billie Eilish After She's Called 'Overhyped'

Don't come for Billie Eilish when Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are around! The "Trolls World Tour" stars proclaimed their love for the "Bad Guy" singer during an episode of BBC Radio 1's "Unpopular Opinion" series after a caller claimed the 18-year-old musician was overhyped. "She's the real deal!" JT replied, adding, "Billie Eilish is wonderful in every way. Her voice, her songwriting, her hair, her fingernails, her clothing… I'm a big fan!" The hilarious segment was shot during the pair's U.K. press tour for the animated film. "Trolls World Tour" was originally scheduled to hit movie theaters on April 10, but it will now be made available on digital on-demand amid the ongoing coronavirus health crisis.