Justin Bieber Explains Why He Was Pulled Over in His Ferrari

Bieber Ferrari
Bieber Ferrari

Justin Bieber likes his cars and the cars he drives are quite fast. He recently showed off his Ferrari 458 Liberty walk at SEMA and now that car is getting him into a little bit of trouble with law enforcement.

Bieber took his Ferrari to The Grove in Los Angeles on Friday night and, according to inital reports from TMZ, peeled out when he left the parking lot. L.A.’s finest were in attendance and they pulled him over, but Justin tells a different story.

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Photographers caught up with the pop star the next night and he shared the details of what really happened. He also showed off his latest tattoo to prove that he is, in fact, a serious musician and not just some cute guy who makes the girls swoon.

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In a second TMZ video, Bieber laughs off the whole thing before heading in the back door of someplace that’s way too cool for the rest of us. He says that it had nothing to do with speeding or reckless driving, but that the ticket was for making an illegal turn. You have to pay attention to all those pesky road signs even if you’re Justin Bieber.

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