Justin Bieber Denies Report That He's Studying to Become a Minister

Gavin Evans
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Justin Bieber is denying a report/rumor, in this case citing a Page Six story that was basing its info off an OK! Magazine story, that he's studying to become a minister. He did so by posting the following all-caps message over a screenshot of said Page Six report/rumor on his IG Stories:


Page Six wrote that Bieber was "hoping to lead Hillsong [church] after the firing of his preacher pal Carl Lentz."

It was reported in November that Lentz was fired from the post after cheating on his wife.

In support of its claim, Page Six cited a "source" that spoke to OK! Magazine that stated Bieber "wants to be a full-fledged minister next year." The link to that OK! Magazine story now leads to a '404 error,' but at the time that source had also added “Justin believes he can take a leadership position in restoring order" at Hillsong.

Bieber's denial via IG Story also included a note in which he said he wasn't a Hillsong member, instead saying he belonged to a nondenominational West Coast based place of worship called "Churchome," which is a name that makes sense when you learn that that church practices remote fellowship.

A 2019 Marie Claire report that's fairly long and not really necessary to read unless you're real into where celebrities go to church (do what you want though) says Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, go to Hillsong when they're on the East Coast.

Bieber's denial concluded with him saying that he doesn't need a physical church to "connect with God," and that "God is with us wherever we are."

The NY Post writes that this may be that first time that Bieber has publicly brought up Hillsong since the news that Lentz stepped down came out a few months ago. Since then, interested parties have had to remain content with the sole development that Hailey Bieber unfollowed Lentz on Instagram (Pulitzer stuff).

Anyway, if you've mentioned this tidbit about Bieber becoming a minister in conversation in the four days since that report came out, either out of actual interest or because you couldn't think of anything else to say, update whoever you told it to accordingly.

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