Justin Baldoni Cuts His Hair to Donate to Locks of Love Charity: 'And It's Done'

The actor shared a video showing the process of cutting his hair Saturday on Instagram

Justin Baldoni/Instagram
Justin Baldoni/Instagram

Justin Baldoni is letting go of his long locks for a good cause.

Saturday on Instagram, the Jane the Virgin alum, 39, shared a video cutting his hair to donate to Locks of Love charity, which specializes in making custom wigs for children who have lost their hair for medical reasons.

"And it's done," Baldoni captioned the post, hashtagging the phrases #fouryearsinthemaking and #youcantelliwasnervousbymygumchewing.

While sitting in the chair with his hair separated into several ponytails, Baldoni explains to his 5-year-old son Maxwell Roland-Samuel, "The reason you're cutting it like that baby is 'cause Daddy's gonna donate his hair to somebody who can't grow their hair 'cause maybe they got cancer like Uncle Zach, or they lost their hair."

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"So he's gonna give all this hair to somebody. That's why you gotta cut it perfectly right there," he continued, showing his child exactly where to cut his hair. "You ready? Okay, here we go."

Maxwell proceeds to chop off the first lock of his father's hair, while his sister Maiya Grace, 7, closes her eyes shut. "Tell me when it's done," she adorably says.

Holding up the lock of hair his son cut, the Five Feet Apart director tells him, "Someone's gonna be so happy to have this hair." His wife Emily then kisses him and says, "I love your heart."

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With tears in his eyes, Baldoni clarifies, "I'm not crying because I'm cutting my hair. I'm crying because this is going to somebody."

The clip then shows Baldoni's children cutting the rest of his hair, posing with the ponytails alongside their father. A professional stylist then cleans up the actor's hair.

Justin Baldoni/Instagram
Justin Baldoni/Instagram

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The father of two then asks his kids if they're ready, at which point they count to three in an adorable transition, removing their hands from the camera for the big reveal of his shorter hairstyle.

"I love it," Emily reacts to her husband's new hairdo, kissing him on the forehead. The video ends on a playful note with her saying, "He's super hot," as Baldoni sits in the stylist's chair.

Several commented on Baldoni's video, including his former Jane the Virgin costar Yael Grobglas, who joked, "Oh, thank God." Amanda Kloots wrote, "Oh, it looks GOOOOOOOD!!!! Cutest family video of all time! Baldoni's for the win!"

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