'Justice League' Returns To Cartoon Network, With Kevin Conroy As Batman And Mark Hamill As Joker


Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman may be about to team up on the big screen, but for years the Justice League banner was ably carried by the fine folks at Warner Bros. Animation. Starting with classic Batman and Superman solo series in the ’90s, Warner Bros. eventually did a Justice League series from 2001 to 2004.

Well, DC’s top superteam is returning to TV in the upcoming Justice League Action. The new series will star DC’s classic triad of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman along with rotating guest stars and its episodes will be 11 minutes long, similar to Teen Titans GO! Speaking of which, Justice League Action will be executive produced by Sam Register, who also producers Teen Titans GO!

The new series is sure to be a fan favorite from the get-go, as it’s set to feature the return of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Conroy and Hamill put their indelible stamps on Batman and The Joker in the original Batman: The Animated Series, but they’ve been phased out in recent years. Conroy didn’t voice Batman in either Batman: The Brave and the Bold or Beware the Batman, and Hamill has been threatening to retire as the voice of The Joker for years. Both of them returning is a real treat for longtime fans of Warner Bros. Animation’s superhero cartoons. The show will also feature James Woods as Lex Luthor.

Justice League Action premiers on Cartoon Network sometime in 2017.

(via Entertainment Weekly)