‘Just Fought for Life’: Krayzie Bone Hospital Selfie is Proof of Life for Concerned Fans Following Rapper’s Recent Health Scare

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Krayzie Bone gave fans a hopeful update as he made his first Instagram post since checking himself into the hospital.

Krayzie Bone, real name Anthony Henderson, checked himself into a Los Angeles area hospital on Sept. 22 after he reportedly began “coughing up large amounts of blood.”

The “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” rapper suffers from sarcoidosis, which is a disease that causes groups of cells to form clusters of inflamed tissue called “granulomas.” According to the Mayo Clinic, the disease has the ability to cause organ damage.

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A CAT scan showed that the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member’s cough was due to internal bleeding from an artery that was leaking into one of his lungs. Reports previously showed that Krayzie Bone was “fighting for his life” as he was put into a medically induced coma so doctors could perform surgery to stop the bleeding.

Krayzie Bone gives an update on his recovery after his health scare.
Krayzie Bone gives an update on his recovery after his health scare. (Photo: @krayzie_bone/Instagram)

Since news of Krayzie Bone’s hospitalization became public knowledge, not much more information has been released about his condition. The rapper’s fans and celebrities such as LeBron James and Bizzy Bone sent their prayers and well-wishes to the 50-year-old as they waited for any more news.

Krayzie Bone finally gave an update about his health scare on Instagram on Tuesday, Oct. 3. The rapper posted a picture of himself still in the hospital with his gown on and tubes still connected to his body. “Just fought for life “Literally for 9 days straight,” he captioned the post.

“And I only won the battle this time because I know Jehovah God was with me every step of the way fighting for me,” continued “Tha Crossroads” rapper.

He added, “Never take life for granted enjoy it while have you have it! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers trust me I needed every last one of them –KB.”

Bizzy Bone reacted to the news on his Instagram story, sharing an old photo of Krayzie Bone and another woman. He wrote, “Prayers work!!! Speedy Recovery Kray!” DJ Paul followed suit with sharing his thoughts, writing, “My guy made it,” he wrote, paired with a muscle emoji and another of praying hands.

Fans rejoiced over the news, as they sent more prayers and well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

“Been praying for you brother it’s good to see this picture with you sitting up in good spirit. I will continue to pray for you until you [100] God bless you Kray.”

“It’s not one single person in my family that isn’t praying for you O.G Bone Thug @krayzie_bone we gotcha in our prayers super heavy Love & Respect.”

“That is so great you’re doing better, big blessings.”

“I’m sending all my positive vibes and well wishes to Krayzie Bone for a swift and full recovery.”

There have been no updates on how close to 100 percent Krayzie Bone is to making a full recovery. He first revealed that he had sarcoidosis back in 2016. At the time, the rapper was doing a tour in Canada, but he had to cut the trip short because the disease had weakened his immune system. He was so weak to the point that he had an “intense case of pneumonia.” This same disease led to the death of comedian Bernie Mac in 2008.

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