The Scoop on 'Jurassic World's' High-Flying Death Scene (Spoilers)

There is all kinds of intense dino action in the record-stomping new blockbuster Jurassic World, but there’s one sequence that has moviegoers hitting the proverbial deck: the Dimorphodon attack, which includes a grisly (and groundbreaking!) death that’s arguably the best one in the film, a scary real-life moment for Chris Pratt, and a couple good Easter eggs to look out for, too. Director Colin Trevorrow and his cast told us all about the scene, which you can watch in the video above.

(Last chance to stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie and are sensitive to spoilers.)

After the escaped Indominus rex crashes through the theme park’s aviary, a flock of pterosaurs (aka flying reptiles) take to the sky where they target a chopper, which then comes crashing down through the aviary’s roof (killing bossman Simon Masrani in the process). This provides a portal for the creatures — mostly Dimorphodon with a side of Pteranodon — to escape and wreak havoc on the thousands of unwitting parkgoers milling around Jurassic World’s Main Street. This begins the film’s most thrilling sequence, roughly two-and-a-half minutes of pure, terrifying chaos where scattering parkgoers are picked off at random.

Trevorrow said he based the whole sequence on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, the 16th century mastert whose triptychs include multiple visual storylines for onlookers to identify.

“I wanted to be able to step back and look at these tableaus of chaotic action and allow people who watch the movie over and over again, if one is interested in doing that, to always see a different story as you look specifically at different parts of the frame,” Tervorrow said. As for things you may have missed the first time around, the filmmaker points to a cameo by “Margaritaville” singer Jimmy Buffett and another moment where the two young boys (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) are looking over the lagoon and to the right of them is a Dimorphodon tearing the stuffing out of a toy T. Rex.

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The sequence also, of course, includes that whopper of a death where Zara (Katie McGrath), the not-so-attentive assistant to Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), gets scooped up by a Pteranodon, dropped into the grasp of another, and ultimately devoured by the massive Mosasaurus, which surges out of the lagoon to munch both Zara and the flying beast.

Howard notes  that the shocking death marks the first woman killed by a dino in the entire series. “And boy, is it gory,” Howard said. “She gets tortured!”

The stunts for the kill scene were done by McGrath herself. “She was game,” Trevorrow said. “That’s really her, that fall, her under the water, that’s really the actress. She completely committed to what I think is one of the all-time dinosaur deaths in a movie.”

Jurassic World is now in theaters. Watch Trevorrow talk us through the first Indominus rex attack: