Julio Iglesias Jr. uses his father's love songs to get 'in the mood' with girlfriend

Julio Iglesias, Jr. keeps it in the family in all aspects of life, apparently.

Appearing on Tuesday's Valentine's Day episode of Tamron Hall to promote his new album Under the Covers, the singer revealed that he plays his famous father's iconic love songs to set the tone for romance with his new girlfriend, fashion model Vivi Di Domenico.

"Especially on a holiday like today, when you have romance in your DNA, this morning, did you listen to your own music, does your own music get you in the mood?" Hall asked, to which the 49-year-old responded: "I listen to my dad's music to get in the mood. I am big, big fan of my dad. I grew up watching him."

Julio Iglesias Jr.; Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias Jr.; Julio Iglesias

Carlos Alvarez H./Getty Images; Paras Griffin/Getty Images Julio Iglesias, Jr. says he uses his father's love songs to get 'in the mood' for love with his girlfriend.

Hall (and her audience chuckled) as she admitted, "I wasn't expecting that," before clarifying with the star.

"You and Vivi together, Valentine's Day, and dad's music is in the background?" she repeated, and Iglesias, Jr. responded in the affirmative.

In a post on Instagram, Iglesias, Jr. — brother to fellow pop star Enrique Iglesias — further said that he hopes his new album of cover songs can "be the soundtrack to your Valentine's Day and for many magical days to come."

Iglesias, Jr.'s father rose to prominence as one of the most successful Spanish singers of all time across dozens of albums and singles. Throughout his career, he released the popular Diana Ross duet "All of You" in 1984, and collaborated with Willie Nelson on "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" that same year.

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