Julia Stiles teases major Orphan: First Kill twist that 'hooked' her on joining the prequel

Julia Stiles teases major Orphan: First Kill twist that 'hooked' her on joining the prequel
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If you were totally gagged by the first Orphan movie's bonkers twist, actress Julia Stiles has suggested that her First Kill prequel should be equally as satisfying.

"When they sent me the script, there's a twist that when I got to the twist I was like, oh, that's good, and I was hooked," Stiles said Tuesday on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She later said that the turn the plot takes is what got her to sign on for the project, adding, "I did not see it coming and it was also the reason that I wanted to be in the movie."

The 2009 original followed Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, a murderous woman who terrorizes her adoptive family (Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard) after disguising herself as a child thanks to a condition that inhibits her growth.

"This one is before that, she's in another family, she's escaped a mental hospital and pretends to be the long-lost, missing daughter for this family," Stiles, who plays Esther's adoptive mother this time around, said of First Kill. "She continues to terrorize them, but then there's another twist."

The First Kill trailer filled in key elements of Esther's backstory, after it was revealed in the first film that Esther's prior family died in a house fire that was (spoiler alert!) very likely caused by the con artist. The clip ended with Esther walking through a burning home, promising that we'll finally get some intel on the events leading up to the blaze.

Orphan First Kill
Orphan First Kill

Paramount Julia Stiles and Isabelle Fuhrman in 'Orphan: First Kill.'

Orphan: First Kill — directed by The Boy helmer William Brent Bell — hits select theaters, digital platforms, and Paramount+ on Aug. 19.

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