Julia Stiles Teases 'Jason Bourne': 'Nicky Gets Out of the Office!'

Julia Stiles and Matt Damon in 'Jason Bourne' (Photo: REX)
Julia Stiles and Matt Damon in ‘Jason Bourne’ (Photo: REX)

After a nine-year break, Matt Damon is back in action as the title character in Jason Bourne. But he’s not the only familiar face returning to the popular action franchise when its next chapter hits theaters on July 29. Julia Stiles has been part of Bourne’s story since 2002’s The Bourne Identity, playing Nicky Parsons, the super-spy’s tech savvy ally. In Jason Bourne, which once again has Paul Greengrass behind the camera, it’s Nicky who nudges Jason out of hiding and back onto the grid after turning up startling new information about his past. “It was really interesting what I got to do in terms of where we find Nicky,” Stiles told Yahoo Movies during a recent Facebook Live interview. “She’s become more rebellious and dangerous. It was nice to see her outside of the office!”

You can watch our full interview with Stiles below, including her experience taking part in a big Bourne action sequence and marking the 15th anniversary of the generational favorite, Save the Last Dance.

Other highlights:

*After spending the previous Bourne movies out of harm’s way, Nicky is in the thick of the action in Jason Bourne, most notably a first-rate first-act chase sequence that takes place amidst a protest on the streets of Athens. “It was so cool,” Stiles said of the experience. “I would sit behind Paul at the monitor even when I wasn’t working just because I wanted to soak up as much as I could. He sets up 180-degrees of reality, because he wants to have the freedom to shoot anywhere.”

*Fifteen years after its debut, Stiles is still proud to have been a part of the teen movie favorite, Save the Last Dance. “It changed my life in many ways. As an actor…you just want people to see your movies once, let alone more than once! So when people say, ‘I just watched it again,’ that’s really exciting and touching.” But don’t expect any reunion plans with co-stars Sean Patrick Thomas and Kerry Washington. “I think Kerry’s pretty busy,” Stiles says, laughing.

Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas in 'Save the Last Dance' (Photo: Everett)
Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas in ‘Save the Last Dance’ (Photo: Everett)

*Along with Save the Last Dance, the Shakespeare-inspired 10 Things I Hate About You is another generational classic on Stiles’ resume. “I remember the summer we shot that, everyone was so innocent and not self-conscious and excited to be there. Maybe that comes across in the film.”

*After acting opposite Matt Damon in four Bourne movies, Stiles is excited to work with him again…as a director. “I keep telling him he should direct a movie! I think he’d be great. He thinks from both sides of the camera.”