Julia Fox Tearfully Honors "Little Sister" Eva Evans After Her Death

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Originally appeared on E! Online

Julia Fox is mourning the loss of TikToker Eva Evans.

Shortly after the Club Rat creator's family confirmed her death at age 29, the Uncut Gems actress shared a heartfelt tribute.

"She was a TikTok star and a New York icon," Julia said in an April 21 TikTok video. "I always saw her like a little sister, and I know she looked up to me."

Recalling how she was "always sticking up for me," the Down the Drain writer teared up while reflecting on Eva's passing.

"She was so young—still had so much to do in life," Julia continued. "But she lived life to the fullest."

The 34-year-old then noted that Eva's death came shortly after TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth died at age 36.

"I don't know what's happening," Julia added. "'Cause we just lost Kyle last week. And I feel like I live so much on this app. I feel like you guys are my family. And I just don't know what's happening."

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Along with her message, Julia reshared a TikTok video Eva had posted just days before the announcement of her death that showed her talking about the KISS-inspired look JoJo Siwa wore to the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this month.

Eva Evans, Julia Fox
Instagram, TikTok

"RIP EVA," Julia captioned her video. "NYC will *never* be the same without you."

And underneath Eva's original post, Julia added, "I will miss you so much I love you so much."

Eva's passing was announced by her sister Lila Joy Baumgardner on April 21. A cause of death was not revealed.

"Yesterday my family received news that our sweet, fabulous, creative, caring, hilarious Eva, my beautiful sister, has died," Lila wrote on Instagram. "After 24 hours, I still find myself in a constant cycle of denial and acceptance, so I know how unbelievable and hard to process this news will be."

And she expressed how much she appreciates all the heartfelt messages from fans.

"I know we loved her so much—so many of us," she said in another post. "And thank you for reaching out and the outpouring of support to my family. It means a lot, and I'm here for all of you as well."

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