Julia Butters attends the Oscars with a turkey sandwich in her $2.5K purse

Julia Butters may be newish to Hollywood — she’s only 10 — but she already seemed like an old pro on the Oscars red carpet.

The actress, who played Trudi Fraser in the Best Picture nominated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, looked as sweet as a cupcake in her pink Christian Siriano outfit, which had ruffles and sparkles and puffy sleeves. Her crystal ball purse by Marzook was perhaps the biggest treat of all — and not for the outside, but what was inside: a turkey sandwich.

Butters gave Amy Kaufman from the Los Angeles Times a look-see inside the $2,495 bag, revealing a Ziploc bag holding the apparently homemade treat, which was cut into pieces and took up most of the purse, which only measured 6 inches across.

Julia Butters, 10, used the space in her six-inch crystal purse wisely at the Oscars: She packed a sandwich in it. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Julia Butters, 10, used the space in her six-inch crystal purse wisely at the Oscars: She packed a sandwich in it. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Making the photo that much more perfect was her mischievous expression as she opened her purse. As for why she was bringing her own sandwich to the big event, she said, "I don't like some of the food here.”

She actually whipped out the sandwich for the Entertainment Tonight crew. She said at a previous awards show she was “starving,” so she was “smart this time... Sometimes either they don’t have food or I don’t care for the food.”

Social media was loving that the young star was doing her own thing — and how it is such a departure from actresses starving themselves to fit into dresses on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Butters didn’t specify what exactly she didn’t like, but the Governors Ball was serving a mostly plant-based menu (with some exceptions). However, if you’ve had to feed a kid, you know that they like what they like, and getting them to just eat, period, can be tricky business, so it may have had nothing to do with the largely vegan offerings.

Fellow child star Jacob Tremblay, of Room fame, shouted out his peer for her “wise” move with the turkey sandwich and Butters re-shared his post.

(Screenshot: Julia Butters via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Julia Butters via Instagram)

Butters may be 10, but she’s been acting professionally since 2014. In addition to appearing in the Quentin Tarantino flick starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Best Supporting Actor winner Brad Pitt, she is on the ABC TV series American Housewife. Other credits include Transparent and Best Friends Whenever.

Designer Siriano said that his look for Butters was a a custom creation. He shared a photo of her posing on the red carpet and just owning it. He wrote that it’s Butters’s world and “we are all just living in it.”

When Butters was on the red carpet, she said she sent Siriano a sketch of what she wanted to wear for her Oscars debut and the outfit was created from there.

And she got ready with stylist Enrique Melendez, who wrote on his Instagram that she’s blossoming into “this fashionista at just 10 years old.”

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