Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 254 Spoilers & Manga Plot Leaks

Spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 254 are now available. Kusakabe vs. Sukuna continues. Here is a guide on the Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 254 spoilers and plot leaks.

List of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 254 spoilers

Kusakabe uses New Shadow Style Simple Domain. Sukuna knows the technique but doesn’t understand why Kusakabe’s using it against him since he has his slash technique.

Kusakabe thinks about how Simple Domain works against Domain Expansions to erase the sure hit effect, though it doesn’t cancel out the cursed technique itself. But even though it’s a Simple Domain, it’s still a Domain.

Sukuna attacks with slashes but Kusakabe blocks them off with his sword. Inside his Domain, Kusakabe’s cursed energy output is greater while Sukuna’s technique gets weaker. Kusakabe can add an automatic system that lets him attack anything that goes in his Domain. Sukuna commends Kusakabe on his reflexes.

To deal with Sukuna’s slash attacks, Kusakabe has been using pure intuition and reading his cursed energy and movement. His Domain also makes these strategies easier for him. Suddenly, Sukuna sends more slashes that Kusakabe barely avoids. Kusakabe notices Sukuna used his cursed technique with zero motion.

In a flashback, Nanami says Kusakabe’s an expert swordsman with various techniques. Mei Mei calls him useful because he can adapt to any situation. Gojo commends him for having Simple Domain as a trump card, saying many beginners need to form a Binding Vow to use Simple Domain. But Kusakabe can do it without the vow, and its range is wide.

Kusakabe notices that Sukuna’s expanding his cursed technique’s range to use World Cutting Slash. So he expands his Simple Domain’s range, surprising Sukuna.

Mei Mei says when one uses Sword Drawing, they usually lure their opponents to them. But Kusakabe expands his range so the opponent gets within the range, letting him attack whoever goes in the Domain automatically. She also says Kusakabe’s the kind of sorcerer she’d want to bring to a deserted island.

Kusakabe barrages Sukuna with multiple cuts. Nanami says he doesn’t know anyone who can block that attack. Kusakabe’s sword breaks after the attack, and he starts using hand-to-hand combat. He’s wondering why he’s trying so hard to fight, knowing it’s unlike him. He then remembers he’s indebted to Yaga.

Gojo, Nanami, and Mei Mei say Kusakabe’s the strongest grade 1 sorcerer because of his kindness. Kusakabe tells himself to stop thinking nonsense since the students fought with their lives.

Kusakabe uses a new technique. A blade-shaped aura appears on his broken sword. As he attacks, Sukuna grabs the end of the blade, commenting on how Kusakabe aimed for his damaged heart, which was obvious.

Suddenly we see Kusakabe on the floor with a huge slash on his chest. Ui Ui appears but Sukuna sneaks behind him. Before he can attack Ui Ui, Miguel arrives. Sukuna doesn’t recognize him. Miguel says Sukuna must live under a rock if he doesn’t know who he is.

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