Juice WRLD's Ex Ally Lotti Takes Plea Deal in Drug and Shoplifting Case

Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson
Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson

Juice WRLD’s ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti has taken a plea deal in her shoplifting and drug possession case, TMZ reports.

Lotti, who dated the late rapper from 2018 to his death in 2019, has pleaded guilty in the cocaine possession and shoplifting case following her arrest earlier this month. According to court documents, she will be avoiding jail time if she stays out of legal trouble for the next six months. She was facing felony charges of possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin and misdemeanor theft of property, but the charges have now been dropped.

She and her boyfriend Carter Jamison both received a one year suspended sentence and six months probation. Upon their arrest earlier this month, a security guard spotted the two attempting to steal from a Walmart in Arkansas. Authorities checked the security cameras, which showed the two of them failing to pay for a number of items at a self-checkout. The arresting officer also discovered small capsules of cocaine in Lotti’s possession.

Their attorney Bradford Cohen has alleged that they scanned and paid for all of the items, which included mirrors, a bed frame, and a digital scale. Cohen added that a Walmart employee verified their purchases after checking their receipt, and that his clients “would never take something intentionally and this seems like a misunderstanding.”

Lotti was traveling with Juice WRLD when he had a seizure upon landing at Chicago’s Midway International Airport in December 2019. The rapper was rushed to hospital and was later pronounced dead. According to his autopsy results, he died of an accidental drug overdose.

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