Judge dismisses sexual assault lawsuit against Marilyn Manson filed by former assistant

A judge has dismissed a case from Marilyn Manson's former assistant, who accused the embattled musician of sexual assault, battery and harassment.

In an order of dismissal obtained by USA TODAY, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern on Wednesday dismissed Ashley Walters' "entire action" against the musician, which alleged Manson (whose real name is Brian Warner) used "his position of power, celebrity and connections to exploit and victimize (her) during her employment" from August 2010 to October 2011.

In the dismissal, Stern dismissed the case "with prejudice," which means that Walters will not be able to file the same claims in Los Angeles Superior Court again. Stern said Walters had "too few facts" and pleaded "too late," according to reports from CBS News and Deadline. 

Marilyn Manson's sexual assault case brought on by his former assistant was dismissed by a judge Wednesday.

"We are deeply disappointed in the court’s decision today. If allowed to stand, this decision would drastically limit the ability of victims of abuse to obtain justice through the legal system," Walters' lawyers told USA TODAY in a statement Thursday, adding that the court "based its decision on the timeliness of Ashley's claims and not the merits."

Walters also sent a statement saying she's "disheartened in the court’s decision" because of "the message it sends to other survivors out there trying to balance how they process abuse with arbitrary court deadlines."

USA TODAY has reached out to reps for Manson for comment.

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Walters originally filed her complaint in May 2021 with details accusing Manson of treating her "like his property," adding that he repeatedly "offered Walters up to his influential industry friends and associates," giving his friends permission to grope, kiss and "have her."

At the Spike TV Scream Awards in September 2010, Walters alleged Manson pushed her "onto the lap of an actor," who "proceeded to kiss Walters and keep her on his lap," according to the suit. A month later, Warner offered her up to a director, who "groped" Walters, "cornered her and shoved his hand up her skirt while covering her mouth so his date could not hear."

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Warner fired Walters in 2011 after accusing her of "trying to sabotage his career," according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that Warner continued to "threaten her, accused her of stealing artwork from his home, and hacked into her Facebook account."

Walters says she decided to come forward with her allegations after being contacted by a group of individuals who have been allegedly victimized by Warner, including actress Esmé Bianco, Evan Rachel Wood and Ashley Morgan Smithline. (Smithline accused the rocker of raping, biting and whipping her during their relationship more than a decade ago.).

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Manson moved to dismiss Bianco's case against him, but a judge denied his motion in October, and the case is still proceeding in Central California's District Court.

Wood’s HBO documentary "Phoenix Rising" released in March focuses on her depiction of a toxic and turbulent relationship with Warner, and how she's attempted to take back the narrative with her advocacy work through The Phoenix Act, which is also the name of the California bill she backed that extended the statute of limitations for domestic felonies.

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In total, more than a dozen women have made allegations of sexual impropriety against Manson, but not all of them have filed lawsuits.

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