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Joy Behar questions 'SNL' firing Shane Gillis: 'It's a double standard'

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  • Joy Behar
    Joy Behar
    American comedian, television host, actress and writer

Joy Behar spoke out about the recent controversy surrounding comedian Shane Gillis, who was fired from “Saturday Night Live” just days after it was announced he was joining the cast.

Gillis came under fire after video and audio surfaced of him using language many felt was racist and homophobic.

Behar, a comedian herself, questioned whether the long-running comedy show has a double standard when it comes to who it allows on its stage, citing Dave Chappelle as an example of someone who has hosted despite past controversial comments.

“That sounds like a double standard to me,” said Behar. “A lot of people felt his Netflix special was very offensive. I’m not saying I do — I’m just saying this is a double standard,” she added.

Co-host Sunny Hostin wasn’t so sure it’s that cut-and-dried. “I don’t find racist jokes funny. I don’t find homophobic jokes funny, but I’m a proponent of free speech and I think comedians are there to be provocative and push and push,” said Hostin. “I don’t know how I come down on it.”

Gillis apologized on Twitter, saying he’s a “comedian who pushes boundaries.”

Despite his tweet, a “Saturday Night Live” spokesperson issued a statement announcing his departure from the cast, which said, in part: “After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided that he will not be joining SNL.”

The comedian responded on Twitter saying, “I respect the decision they made.”

Twitter users were split on the issue, with many writing they were happy the comedian won’t be showing up on “SNL” this fall:

Actress Sandra Oh, who has hosted “SNL,” also Tweeted she was “glad” to see Gillis cut from the cast:

Others disagreed with the show’s decision and blamed “cancel culture” for the firing:

Meghan McCain says she's fat-shamed daily:

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