Joy Behar Celebrates 80th Birthday on The View with Messages from the Bidens, Jimmy Kimmel and More

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Joy Behar is celebrating her 80th birthday on The View!

On Wednesday's episode of the talk show, Behar joined her co-hosts for a belated birthday bash. Since Behar was on a cruise in Spain and missed her actual birthday on the series, the co-hosts waited to celebrate upon her return.

"We thought that part of the reason that you split because you didn't want anybody to celebrate your birthday," Whoopi Goldberg said.

When Behar confirmed, Goldberg continued her sentiments. "Yeah, well we don't care. We did not forget anything. You see, we have a celebration throughout the show, some famous friends and well wishers are sending their best to you."

Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar
Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar

The View Facebook

Multiple public figures sent Behar well wishes for her 80th. The video montage began with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

"Nobody is better named than you. You brought Joy to so many of your friends and admirers, with your trademark humor that smile that lights up the room. And as a former teacher, I know that there's so many students out there whose lives that you've changed," Jill said.

"You speak your mind, you speak from the heart, you stand up from what you believe, and you do it with warmth, humor, and authenticity. And you and your friends at The View started that national conversation 25 years ago that's still going on," Joe added. "You've enlightened us as well as entertained us. Both Jill and I are grateful for the time we've spent with you over the years and we're delighted, we're delighted, to call you a friend."

Up next was Jimmy Kimmel. "Happy Birthday to you, Joy!" he said. "You've outlasted, and in some cases killed, so many of your former coworkers and thank god you are smart, you are funny, and you are 80? Oh my — and you still have to work? That's terrible. Anyway, either you look great or I have cataracts. I don't know but I know the world is a better place with you in it. Happy birthday."

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Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar
Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar

The View Facebook

Larry David joked about Behar's celebrity status. "Yeah, yeah, Happy birthday, whatever," he began. "You don't need people to send you these videos. You're on television! Every day is a special day. You're special. People who aren't on TV, they're the ones who need these videos to feel special. You? You're so special, you're special Joy, every day, you're special. Let's not do this when you're 90. Okay, honey, love you, happy birthday."

Another joke came from comedian Sarah Silverman. "Man, you're still like, super hot," she said in the happy birthday message. "I don't mean to objectify you, I know that's not what it's about. Especially in this day and age, but you are. Actually, one of my best friend's has you as his hall pass. Did I tell you that?"

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Others included in the montage were Bette Midler, Liam Neeson, Jay Leno, Christopher Meloni and the Law & Order cast.

Behar later responded to the clip, telling the audience, "You know, this is what 80 looks like, okay! Gloria Steinem famously said 'This is what 40 looks like,' so I'm following Gloria. Last week, Judy Tenuta died — she was a wonderful, hilarious comedian. 72 years old, she had ovarian [cancer]. Bless her heart. So it's a privilege to be here."

Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar
Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send a birthday message to Joy Behar

The View Facebook

In addition, Behar received a birthday gift from Dexter actor John Lithgow: a poem.

"Joy Behar
That morning show queen
Has constantly lit up the scene
Her spirits at 80 are joyful, not weighty
You'd think that she was only 13."

Lithgow also haded Behar a sketch of herself. "The reason it's not accurate is I had 12 minutes to paint it. I did it last night between the rehearsal and a performance of a Rudy Giuliani sketch on the Colbert show," he said.

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Behar's actual birthday was Oct. 7, though she wasn't on the show to celebrate. Still, her co-hosts didn't let the day go unnoticed. Co-host Goldberg began the conversation saying: "We want to start by wishing Joy a very happy birthday."

"We will have plenty of celebrating when she gets back here next week," Goldberg, 66, said. "But you know we had to say it because you know she hates it when we do."

New co-host Ana Navarro chimed in to add: "So let's say it in two languages: feliz cumpleaños."

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Ahead of her 80th birthday, Behar — who is one of the founding members of The View —  reassured PEOPLE that she wouldn't be leaving The View anytime soon.

"I just signed a contract so I'll be here for a while," she said. "I have no plans to retire."

"It's really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways," Behar continued. "Sometimes I don't believe that, as I've been here since the beginning, but we're the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched!"

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