Joy-Anna Duggar Faces Backlash On Instagram After Posting A Picture Of Her Son And An 'Uncomfortable' Dog

Maintaining An Active Social Media Presence

Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth, one of the many Duggar children who have left the nest, documents her family life fastidiously on Instagram. With over 895k followers on the platform, she has plenty of people paying attention to how she raises her son. Unfortunately for Forsyth, she faced the ire of the internet with a recent photo.

The Photos In Question

Joy-Anna posted the picture of her son Gideon with a pug named Pudge with the caption "Hey there, Pudge... I love you, Pudge! I guess Pudge isn't a fan of hugs. #helovesanimals"

The dog looks very uncomfortable -- even aggressive in the second photo -- and her followers began to point that out in the comment section.

In Internet Hot Water

People were quick to point out that making a dog uncomfortable like that can be damaging to both the animal and the child.

"It’s not funny to make your dog this uncomfortable. This is how kids get bitten and then the dog gets blamed…The dog is uncomfortable."

"The little boy is precious and no doubt loves his dog, but the little dog looks uncomfortable… if the dog were to bite, who would get the blame...of course the dog and it really is not the dog, when it is obvious the dog is showing he is uncomfortable. I love dogs and little people but would hate to see this precious face scarred from a dog who has given fair warning...nobody can be 100% sure that a dog would not bite if they felt threatened."

"Dogs don’t typically enjoy hugs, and this is how a lot of bites happen. Be careful!"

This isn't the first time that Forsyth has landed in hot water for something she posted online, and it probably won't be the last.