Joss Whedon Returns to Twitter With Star-Studded Anti-Trump Video

Leave it to writer and director Joss Whedon to try to save the day.

After a 19-month hiatus from social media, Whedon made quite the return on Wednesday when he launched Save the Day, a super-PAC featuring an amazing, star-studded anti-Donald Trump video, encouraging the nation to vote on Nov. 8. And honestly, it’s hard to stay apathetic about our country’s future when you’re being encouraged by A-listers like Avengers castmates Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Don Cheadle, along with a cadre of others like Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., Keegan-Michael Key, Martin Sheen, Nathan Fillion, and Julianne Moore, to name a few.

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Asking the not-so-innocent question, “Hey, did I miss anything?” on Twitter, Whedon directed people to the Save the Day website, writing, “Lol, jk the world is on fire here’s a thing I made.”

And while the site offers the opportunity to register to vote and shares its valuable mandate, it’s the craftily made video that’s worth the price of admission.

Starting with Downey Jr., Johansson, and Key saying what an important decision election day will be for the country, the video explodes into star power personified with each celeb imploring all Americans to get out and vote — but not for Trump.

ScarJo will not be casting her vote for The Donald. (Photo: Youtube)
ScarJo will not be casting her vote for the Donald. (Photo: Youtube)

“You might think it’s not important, you might think you’re not important,” says Ruffalo.

“But that’s not true,” Key adds.

“And the only way we can prove that to you is by having lots of famous people,” deadpans Downey Jr., before letting James Franco, Cobie Smulders, Moore, Stanley Tucci, and others explain — and poke fun at — why this group of Hollywood stars have come together to tell us all how important it is to register and vote this year, over any other year.

“There are so many famous people,” gushes Orange Is the New Black‘s Matt McGorry.

“Some of us aren’t as famous, but still pretty famous,” admits Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Tom Lenk.

In short, it’s a very Whedonesque approach to rallying the troops to vote — including Cheadle’s description of Trump as “a racist, abusive coward who can damage the fabric of our society” and the promise that Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie, or as RDJ put it: “Mark’s gonna have his d*** out.”

“We can end this nightmare before it begins,” Moore promises.

(She means Trump — not a naked Ruffalo.)

Save the Day makes its mandate clear with its position statement, posted in bold so it’s the first thing you absorb when you visit the site. “We are a short-form production company dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act,” it reads. “That every voice in this wonderfully diverse nation should, and must, be heard. That the only thing that can save democracy is the act that defines it. We are committed to fighting the apathy, cynicism, and honest confusion that keeps citizens from using their vote. And to reminding an increasingly out-of-touch and compromised set of representatives that they are answerable to the people they were hired to serve.”

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There are also some great behind-the-scenes photos from shooting the video, which, as Whedon explained to BuzzFeed, came together quite seamlessly.

“There is almost nobody that I wouldn’t approach to say, ‘If you can pitch in, do it now,’” he told them. “It was pretty much the same spiel to everybody: ‘Doing a voting PSA to help get out the vote and stop orange Muppet Hitler.’”

Rumor has it, it’s the first of many videos to come. We can’t wait to see what Whedon comes up with next … but more than that, we can’t wait to vote … and for this election to be over already.