Josh Holloway on New 'Star Wars' Prequel: 'Damn, I'd Love to Be Han Solo' (Exclusive)

Peter Jacobson, Josh Holloway, and Sarah Wayne Callies at Comic-Con

Josh Holloway has never shied away from his love of Han Solo. As Sawyer on Lost, he was always dropping Solo-esque wisecracks, and he even found himself in a Luke-Leia-Han triangle with Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly). Through the years, he’s been asked if he’d ever want to take over the role from Harrison Ford and always expressed interest.

So when we spoke to Holloway at San Diego’s Comic-Con International — he’s here with Sarah Wayne Callies and Peter Jacobson to promote their new TV series Colony — we were shocked that he didn’t even know there was a stand-alone Star Wars prequel in the works focusing on a young Han. (To be fair, the news was just announced prior to Comic-Con.) We also told him about the online campaign to land him the role.

“Damn. I’d love to do it. I love Han Solo,” Holloway said.

“You’d be perfect for it,” enthused Callies. “Perfect.”

“They’d never ask me, but I’d love to be Han Solo,” Holloway added.

He paused for a second then let out a laugh.

“You know, I got to arrest Han Solo in a movie once,” Holloway said, referencing 2013’s Paranoia, where he played an FBI agent who busts Ford’s character.

Holloway “arrests” Harrison Ford on the set of ‘Paranoia’ (FameFlynet)

“I grabbed him, pulled his hands behind his back, cuffed him. He turned around and said to me, ‘You’re losing it, boy.’ Then I stuffed him in a car.

“But that might be as close as I get to Han Solo.”

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